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friends only.

shoujo manga: sand chronicles
yaoi manga:
shonen manga:
n/a soon to be pokemon

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\(`〇´ )お( `□´)/は└( `・´ )┘つ!
ASHE: アシュリ
i adore anything that has to do with 日本, GLEE, horror movies, gays/やおい, 대한민국, tumblr, ギャル, fashion, zombies, fallout 3, tattoos/piercings, the color pink, & post apocalypse things in general. \(○^ω^○)/

there's a chance some content might be nsfw: not safe for work. such things include nudity, r-18 images, cuss words, homosexual behavior. alas, if you have a problem with this, don't read. i'll do my best to have a cut & warning in the title, but sometimes i forget.


女子きな:日本, グリー, ホラー映画, ゲイ/やおい, コリア, タンブラー, ギャル, ファッション, ゾンビ, フォールアウト3, 入れ墨 /ピアス, ピンク, & ポストアパコリプス。O(≧∇≦)O

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