Pop culture, feminism, etc.

Sep. 14th, 2017 08:22 pm
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AGE: 25
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Pop music, pop culture, trans-inclusive feminism, LGBTQIA issues, social justice, comedy
LOOKING FOR: People from ONTD, or other people interested in discussing pop culture, politics/feminism or our daily lives! (And of course the intersections of it all!) LGBTQIA-friendly people only!!
ANYTHING ELSE?: I'm trying to start up a pop culture/current events community, 
[community profile] howdareuCurrently looking for members/mods to help grow the community, so message me if you're interested! For those who care, my faves include Britney, Madonna, Kylie, Carly Rae Jepsen and Tove Lo. Fave shows include 30 Rock, Sex and the City, Will & Grace (SO excited for the revival!), Drop Dead Diva, and Parks and Rec.

Looking for some new friends

Sep. 13th, 2017 04:24 pm
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NAME: Frankie aka Strumbella
AGE: Early 50s
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Music, guitar, drumming,reading, internet, making lists
LOOKING FOR: I'm looking for some new friends who post and or comment on a fairly regular basis. I do comment in return should I have something to say. Age isn't a factor for me when making friends, we can all learn from one another.
NOT INTERESTED IN: Politics, Racism.
ANYTHING ELSE?: Lived in large cities most of my life and then about 4 years ago moved in a very small town. Still not quite found my niche here, however I'm loving the NO drama and the laid back atmosphere.

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\(`〇´ )お( `□´)/は└( `・´ )┘つ!
ASHE: アシュリ
i adore anything that has to do with 日本, GLEE, horror movies, gays/やおい, 대한민국, tumblr, ギャル, fashion, zombies, fallout 3, tattoos/piercings, the color pink, & post apocalypse things in general. \(○^ω^○)/

there's a chance some content might be nsfw: not safe for work. such things include nudity, r-18 images, cuss words, homosexual behavior. alas, if you have a problem with this, don't read. i'll do my best to have a cut & warning in the title, but sometimes i forget.


女子きな:日本, グリー, ホラー映画, ゲイ/やおい, コリア, タンブラー, ギャル, ファッション, ゾンビ, フォールアウト3, 入れ墨 /ピアス, ピンク, & ポストアパコリプス。O(≧∇≦)O

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